Apply to the 2NDNATURE SmartStart Digital Stormwater Pilot

The SmartStart Digital Stormwater Pilot Program will transform today's MS4 compliance process. By leveraging a centralized digital program management system, the pilot will enable regulators to evaluate clean water performance at scale and collaborate with local permittees to benchmark long-term success.

The SmartStart Digital Stormwater Pilot Program will:
  • Foster collaboration and communication with MS4 permittees: Establish measurable goals for benchmarking progress against local stormwater programs.
  • Bolster the effectiveness of state regulatory stormwater programs:  Through data-driven insights, accurately track progress and drive structural change at the local level.
  • Eliminate the complexity associated with overseeing clean water programs and demonstrate tangible results to rate-payers. Leverage a common geospatial data management system to ensure that compliance reports are easily comparable across BMPs, local MS4 programs and different states. 

To learn more about this exciting program, watch the recent EPA Green Infrastructure Webcast, "Modernizing Stormwater Compliance.