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2NDNATURE RURAL enables small municipalities that don’t yet have access to, or a need for full GIS capability, to save time and money by reducing complexity and improving their ability to run their stormwater program and demonstrate MS4 compliance. Learn more in our FAQ's below.


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Pricing and Licencing

Q: Are there monthly fees for RURAL?
A: The cost price for RURAL - $4,995 - is for a yearly subscription, but we can bill you monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. There are no additional or hidden fees. There are also no fees for change orders if your permit changes, for tech support, customer success support, or adding additional users - you will have unlimited access to add users at no additional cost. 

Q: Is the price a one-time fee or annual?
A: The price for RURAL - $4,995 - is for an annual subscription and will renew annually.

Q: Do I need to buy any additional ArcGIS licenses? 
A: 2NDNATURE RURAL comes with all the licenses you need from 2NDNATURE and Esri - no additional licenses are needed.  

Q: Is this price available only for “rural” municipalities? How is a “rural”municipality defined?
A: For the purposes of the 2NDNATURE RURAL offer, we consider any municipality with a population size of under 25,000 as rural. If your municipality size exceeds 25,000, please reach out to us to learn about other options to get you started with the 2NDNATURE platform.


Q: Does 2NDNATURE RURAL run on mobile devices, and does it include field apps?
A: Yes! Our software is cloud-based so you can access it in the field with any device, including tablets, laptops, or cell phones running on any platform (including iOS and Android) as long as you can access the 2NDNATURE platform URL via a cellular data connection or WiFi. It is completely integrated and comes with field applications for data collection and inspections.

Q: What data or files are required to use The 2NDNATURE Platform?
A: Nothing! Out of the box, the 2NDNATURE Platform utilizes publicly-available nationwide datasets to help get you started mapping your MS4. Our onboarding process will walk you through exactly how to create any outstanding GIS datasets that are needed according to your specific priorities. We understand that mapping your MS4 is iterative, and are available to help guide you through the process.

Q: Do you offer a way to import existing GIS datasets?
A: Yes! We have an import tool that will walk you through how to upload existing asset datasets in CSV format or pull from ArcGIS Online. 

Q: Is 2NDNATURE RURAL applicable to all states in the United States?
A: Yes! Our software is currently being used in various states across the nation.

Q: When can I expect to receive my Esri and 2NDNATURE accounts after I purchase 2NDNATURE RURAL?
A: It only takes 5 minutes to get started, and be up and running in a day!

We are continuously updating our FAQ page with your latest questions. 

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"Yavapai County AZ is physically large, rural, and has a unique stormwater program and MS4 compliance requirements. 2NDNATURE was up and running within a few short weeks. Out of the box, the platform satisfied all of our permit requirements. As our needs have continued to evolve, 2NDNATURE has consistently delivered customized solutions. I couldn’t be happier or more impressed." Tony Angueira, Stormwater Engineer, Yavapai County, AZ

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