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Pacific Water Conference 2021

2NDNATURE will be exhibitors at the Pacific Water Conference this year - come chat with us and join us for live sessions. 


During the program breaks, attendees will have the opportunity to join 2NDNATURE for several live 30-minute virtual exhibitor sessions as well as chat with us virtually throughout the conference. In our live sessions, we will be discussing what a fully digitized, web-based geospatial approach to MS4 stormwater management and compliance is and what the multi-benefits are associated with this, how to get started with a solution like this, and go through live software demos.

Dates and times to catch us live:
February 2nd: 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM HST 
February 2nd: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM HST
February 3rd: 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM HST 
February 4th: 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM HST 

We also have a special guest exhibiting on February 3rd at 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM HST. Lauren Roth Venu from 3Rwater will be introducing the Follow the Drop mobile and data platform designed as an easy-to-use community engagement tool to  support municipal green infrastructure programs and empower communities to build resiliency. 💧

We look forward to connecting with you there! 

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Solution Guide
MS4 Stormwater Management and Compliance Software and Best Practices for The City of Honolulu

Today, population growth and extreme weather are pushing the limits of America's aging stormwater infrastructure. To address these challenges, 2NDNATURE is helping the state of Hawaii digitally transform its regulatory stormwater programs, offering streamlined reporting and meaningful tracking of clean water progress. In this Honolulu solution guide, learn: 

  • How 2NDNATURE'S science-based analytics can automate, centralize and simplify ongoing compliance reporting.

  • Quantify MS4 program effectiveness with "performance-based" stormwater accounting methods. 

Download the Honolulu MS4 Permit Solution Guide

Leading Through Innovation

2NDNATURE makes it easy for cities to benchmark, manage and improve the quality of their urban waterways.

2NDNATURE is an enterprise cloud platform that allows municipalities to use dynamic maps to understand how their MS4 program is performing, to easily file reports, and to demonstrate compliance. By embedding proven science within an enterprise cloud platform, 2NDNATURE empowers municipalities to effectively manage their stormwater assets to build healthy and sustainable cities. 

Learn more about 2NDNATURE's innovative software by watching our product demo. ▶️

Stormwater Management Best Practices White Paper

In this white paper, learn how analytics and data-driven decision-making are helping municipalities modernize their stormwater management programs with performance based MS4 compliance.

Modernizing Stormwater Management Webcast

In a recent webcast, the EPA, The Nature Conservancy and 2NDNATURE discussed how new cloud-based tools and data-driven best-practices are providing an opportunity to digitally transform state regulatory stormwater programs.

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2NDNATURE RURAL is a great solution to for small municipalities get access to all the GIS capabilities needed to demonstrate MS4 compliance without the need to acquire separate, advanced GIS software. 

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