The 2NDNATURE Community Engagement Advisory Board

Building a Community that Transforms Stormwater Into a Resource

Today, an active and involved community can provide valuable input and contribute to the success of every local MS4 stormwater program. While Public Education and Outreach, and Public Involvement are both EPA Minimum Control Measures, local communities can reap significant long-term clean water benefits far beyond regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, most municipalities lack the time and resources to establish and foster an empowered community. 

The 2NDNATURE Community Engagement Advisory Board will connect local, state and federal stormwater programs to their local communities. As part of this charter, the Board will utilize a science-driven, data platform that strategically recommends green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) locations. The Board will empower local communities through active engagement and education on the multi-benefits of clean urban waterways provided by GSI. 


Advisory Board Goals

anna-earl-cTtE2FlIRoU-unsplash Community Empowerment

  • Create an accessible, transparent, public resource where community members can view local capital water quality improvement projects and view  progress towards stormwater goals.
  • Empower citizens to advocate for community health benefits by providing easily accessible resources that demonstrate where capital improvement projects are built and related benefits.


Community Education 

  • Create and sustain curriculum to educate communities on the connection between the urban landscape and upstream and downstream water networks, emphasizing how individual actions can impact local, regional and global geographies.
  • Develop materials to educate community members about the structure and function of GSI in their neighborhoods, including the ability of GSI to remove harmful pollutants from stormwater and provide nature based open space for multi- benefit outcomes.


Community Engagement

  • Foster relationships with local businesses and community leaders to reinforce the importance of clean waterways and strengthen the awareness of local environmental impacts.
  • Partner with local organizations whose mission aligns to facilitate outreach at a larger scale.
  • Develop a mechanism for local community members to engage in the construction and maintenance of green infrastructure through green job creation or volunteer groups.

Interested in learning more about the 2NDNATURE Community Engagement Advisory Board?  Please send an email to Krista McDonald, Community Program Manager.